Saturday, 4 March 2017

Folk Horror Revival - Mysteries of the Black Meadow

If you would like to know more about Black Meadow then have a look at this article written for the fabulous Folk Horror Revival website. Taking you through the history, artifacts and sounds - it's a handy primer for the Black Meadow beginner...

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

"A Psychogeographic Essential" - Electronic Sound Review

We are very pleased with the recent review by Electronic Sound.

In Issue 25 of this excellent magazine the Special Edition of "Tales from the Black Meadow" is described by the reviewer as "a gratifying atmospheric listen, filled with processed choral eeriness and murky radiophonic unease - a psychogeographic essential."

If you don't own the album you can buy it here. The album is made up of two beautifully presented discs. The first disc contains 20 tracks that link to the stories in the book of the same name (that you can buy here and read alongside). The second disc contains the lost Radio 4 documentary "Curse of the Black Meadow", four stories and 8 previously unreleased musical tracks.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Attention animators and film-makers - Exciting project from Melmoth the Wanderer

Jim Peters (aka Melmoth the Wanderer) has the following message for all Black Meadow Travellers.

Some very exciting news for those of you with a creative side....

To commemorate the release of `Christmas on the Black Meadow' (by Chris Lambert with artwork by Andy Paciorek) Melmoth the Wanderer put together a very special mix. This was then edited down to just over 3 minutes and broadcast on Christmas Eve on BBC Tees radio by Bob Fischer.

Now we are turning it over to all of you to see what you can create as an accompanying film for the short radio edit.

If you contact Jim Peters at he can send you a copy of the radio edit to use as the soundtrack but what images or creative techniques you choose to accompany the mix is entirely up to you. It isn't a competition with an outright winner and a prize but we will make a point of posting and sharing every submission on the Folk Horror Revival Page (as long as they are appropriate) and will of course use that opportunity to promote you as an artist.

This is a wonderful chance to let people know of your work, add to the Folk Horror canon and become a part of the ever growing Black Meadow mythos. Please feel free to get in touch for a copy of the track or further info....and spread the word. Below is a link to the edited track.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Melmoth the Wanderer - Christmas on the Black Meadow (A Yuletide Mix)

"The fourth seasonal mix from Melmoth_the_Wanderer recalls his visit to The Black Meadow - a place steeped in wyrd folklore and mysterious happenings." - Melmoth the Wanderer - Mixcloud

Includes readings from the book, strange soundscapes and music from Tales from the Black Meadow and Songs from the Black Meadow...

Discover more by buying the book here: - All profits go to Worldwide Cancer Research.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Songs from the Black Meadow - Still available... (Just)

There are only 30 of these left!
All profits go to Cancer Research and Shelter.

Embrace the mist inside you and buy here...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pre-order the special edition double CD now..

The 'special edition' version of the Tales from the Black Meadow double CD is available to pre-order now through Bandcamp. Official release date of the album is December 16th 2016

Pre-order here

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Christmas on the Black Meadow - On Sale Now!

 Click on the picture to buy!

A perfect Christmas gift for the Black Meadow traveler in your life (or you could buy it for yourself!)

 Do you see shadows in the mist? Are you stalked by meadow hags? Do you long to play with black stars? Do you crave a darker yule?

Then this book could be for you!

It is Christmas on the North York Moors.

The snow sits upon the heather and bramble. The fences around  
RAF Fylingdales are silent and still. A dense mist grows in the 
distance. If you listen closely you can hear strange Yuletide chants,
the hum of a land sphere and the cackle of a meadow hag.

This collection of Christmas tales from the Black Meadow 
contains three new Yuletide stories. Experience a beautiful 
inversion of The Nativity in A Black Meadow Christmas, warm
 your toes in a tale of matriarchal terror in The Meadow Tree and 
marvel at the delightful wonders of The Black Star. You will also find
 details of ideal gifts you could give and games that you can play 
when visiting the Black Meadow.

With beautiful illustrations by Andy Paciorek and Nigel Wilson, this is a festive treat that will bring joy and fear in equal measure to your Christmas celebrations.

All profits from the sale of this book 
go to Worldwide Cancer Research.

Please note...
You can buy Christmas on the Black Meadow around the world. Most of the Amazon outlets are now selling it...
So whether you are in the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, or Italy you can buy this lovely little Yuletide terror.